Many outdoor providers in Wales provide Gorge walking, and some also offer its big brother, Canyoning.

Here at Your Outdoor we focus on Canyoning in the main part, although we can run Gorge Walking sessions for children if requested.

Canyoning involves big water jumps, plunging into deep pools, abseiling down waterfalls, sliding down fast-flowing torrents and waterfall shoots, traversing slippery rockfaces and experiencing the power and beauty of Afon Prysor.  The Prysor river and Maentwrog Gorge are situated in the quiet and scenic Maentwrog Forest, a temperate rainforest by the North Wales coast, and part of Coedydd Dyffryn Ffestiniog Gogleddol, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Maentwrog means "Twrog's stone", and local legend has it that a giant known as Twrog hurled a boulder from the top of a hill down the river into a woodland settlement. On your canyoning expedition, you'll be traversing many slippery wet boulders, that could be part of that ancient Celtic legend!

During your day you will encounter many jumps and drops, experience waterfall abseiling, and water slides. It is always a fun day out.

This canyoning experience will involve a walk of up to 20 minutes to access the venue, followed by 2 to 4 hours descending the gorge.

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