Navigation Courses - North Wales

Bespoke navigation training courses in North Wales, tailored to your needs.

Whether you are an avid walker, a keen climber, or a weekend outdoor enthusiast, navigation skills are an essential aspect of staying safe in the mountains, and ensuring you end up where you need to be.

We have both 1 and 2 day courses available, dependant on your needs. Our navigation courses are skills targeted, and will cover a selection of the skills below, at the level you need to increase your ability and confidence.

  • Map to ground interpretation
  • Navigation in poor viability or at night
  • Use of different map scales 1:25000, 1:40000, 1:50000
  • Use of the Compass
  • Taking and using Bearings
  • Navigation Strategies
  • Relocation Strategies
  • Winter Navigation
  • Refresher for NGB's - ML, WML
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